Helping people – Day 2

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Ever had one of those days where what was planned was nowhere close to what actually happened. Well that was today for me.

We were able to get six groups off this morning without any problems. Group 1 went to the Special School and Casa Materna, Group 2 went out to two different rural schools to do a mobile reading center, Group 3 made blocks for building a house and played with kids, Group 4 went and spent time at an orphanage and meet some friends of Philip, Group 5 worked in the medical clinic (one of them even gave some shots to a patient).

The students did a great job and everything seemed to go smoothly, expect for a few who are now dealing with sunburn issues.

As for me I had planned to spend most of the day writing. I had picked out a local café that would allow me to get away from the mission and get to work. Well I never left the mission. As I was leaving I was stopped and informed there was a problem (in whole different country), and after four hours the problem for the most part was solved thanks to the help of a lot of people. Still left time to get some writing done but then there came a totally different problem (this time in Nicaragua). I final found some quite late in the day and was able to write five pages, but there is more to be done tomorrow.

Lesson in today was a simple one.

If helping people, on a big scale or small scale, was easy everyone would do it.

I continue to be amazed at the compassion, wisdom, and desire to do what is right that the students have shown all week. They are not a perfect group, might be because they have an imperfect leader, but they are making an eternal difference and it has been a blessing to witness.

Think I am not going to plan anything for tomorrow and simply see what happens


Perspective – Day 1

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What a blessing to work with some of the greatest students on the planet. We have only been in this magnificent country for two days, but already I have seen our students grow in so many different ways. I also have been able to watch my own children (our whole family made this trip together) grow. Later I will post some of Julianne’s journal entries from the last two days. It is amazing to see and hear the perspective of an 8-year-old in another culture.

A special thank you to Philip Holsinger ( for his willingness to be a part of this journey and to invest so much insight into the lives of the students on this trip.

Today Philip, Chris DellaPace and I climbed to the highest point in Jinotega, the bell tower at the Catholic Church. Hang around with Philip and he will take you to places you would have never expected to go. What amazed me about the journey to the top of the tower was the perspective we saw. It was simply breathtaking. Jinotega is a beautiful city nestled between mountains on all sides, and from the tower you could see the four corners of the city. Sometimes I wonder if we take enough time to really gain the necessary perspectives we need to be able to truly make the eternal difference we are all called to make.

There is so much for us to learn from this place and these people. As we processed tonight you could hear students’ perspectives change as they talked about simplicity, honor, truth, understanding, and seeing God at work.

Thanks to the people at Mision Para Cristo for providing us such a wonderful outlet to grow in our understanding of a new place, our understanding of ourselves, and most important helping each of us to gain a perspective of how God is working in this magnificent place.

Headed to Nicaragua—

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